Kansas City IT Support for Business
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Whether your company is at the start-up, growth or established stage of the business lifecycle, technology drives efficiency and profit – the company’s success. From technology basics like email to intricate network systems, expert, on-demand IT support is crucial. Eventually, IT support outgrows your knowledge. It’s outside of your expertise. And that is perfectly normal.

Smart business owners understand that they don’t have to know everything about technology. But they do know the value of having an IT expert on their side right now and years from now. The question isn’t if having the right technology in place will take you to the next level. The question is should you hire an in-house IT expert or outsource IT support?

Launching new IT initiatives, installing new or re-structuring existing network systems, managing security… all are key technology projects. Add the occasional IT problems that crop up, and having on-demand IT support can be the difference between getting by and moving forward.

Chances are good that you need to outsource IT support to benefit from the specialized skills and high-level technical knowledge gained only from an IT expert who works on many different projects for many different types of businesses. One who can bring that depth of experience to your Kansas City small business, without adding another person to your payroll.

Why IT Services are Outsourced

When your system or network is down, you don’t have time to mess with confusing pricing, escalating fee schedules or hidden charges. You want:

Fair pricing and managed IT services that match your needs and size

Work performed by senior level engineers who have planned, managed, maintained and repaired systems and networks across all kinds of businesses and industries for decades

The right solution the first time around

Open communication between our technical experts and your staff, making sure everyone stays updated and in the loop

To be up or back up quicker and easier than you ever thought possible

The 4 Most Outsourced IT Support Services

The best outsourced IT support partners offer fully customizable and scalable IT management programs. That way you always have on-demand support whether your small business requires:

  • On-site service to solve occasional tech glitches
  • Regular preventative server maintenance and remote IT support
  • Top-tier service and maintenance for demanding networks and systems.

Outsourcing your IT consulting takes the guesswork and unknowns out of your technology. An IT consultant objectively looks at your business needs as a whole, assesses your current solutions and needs and matches them to future demand – all without creating technology conflicts.

Hardware and software is always newer, better and faster. They stop working for no logical reason at the worst possible time. That’s the nature of IT. Proactive maintenance and service delay the inevitable, but the time for replacement and upgrades always comes.  

By outsourcing your IT support, you can leverage your partner’s existing relationships for the right hardware and software solutions at the right price from a huge list of providers. Plus, you’ll gain the benefit of having the same professionals service the equipment they install.

Moving to the cloud avoids huge equipment investments since you access services over the network, on an as-needed basis. Unlike traditional computing, storage and platforms, cloud services immediately respond to your business needs. Plus, they are scalable, eliminating extensive growth and usage planning.

Moving to the cloud is a no-brainer decision for many Kansas City businesses today. But why pay for bundled services you don’t need and will never use? Cloud services tailored to your company saves you thousands a year versus bundled pricing.


IT support is a cost of doing business. There are two ways to approach it: invest in a service that actually provides a service, or pay for flat rate IT services that you might never require.

Insurance and telcom companies can get away with charging monthly flat rate fees. But you’d never pay a monthly service charge to keep a plumber, electrician, auto mechanic, etc. on call, just in case. All small to medium-sized businesses that rely on a computer network (the majority today) will require outsourced IT support at some point.

Solving an IT problem will most likely require high-level technical skills outside of your team’s expertise. It doesn’t require monthly budget allocation to insure access to a highly skilled IT professional.

The fact is monthly flat rate IT services are an expensive, unnecessary type of insurance policy for your computer network. Monthly pricing contracts deliver no value unless or until something happens, leaving small business owners stuck in a vicious cycle known in the industry as “break-fix” mode.

A common sense approach is regular, preventative IT maintenance that proactively minimizes downtime, service disruptions and malfunctions. Network and IT maintenance identifies issues before they become expensive problems that could affect or even halt business operations. Of course, that involves shifting from a reactive, crisis-based IT strategy to one that focuses on keeping your network healthy, safe and functional, which is a strategy that isn’t compatible with flat rate IT service companies.


Percentage of Kansas City Businesses that outsource all or some of their IT support functions.


Average estimated cost of business interruption caused by major server crashes or issues.


Average time in consecutive hours that businesses are without critical services during IT systems outages.

Additional IT Resources for Kansas City Businesses

IT support resources designed for small business owners and entrepreneurs are featured below. Learn more about IT support in general or get in touch with organizations supporting the small business community.

Kansas City is home to tech giants like Sprint, Cerner, Garmin and more, as well as a prolific small business community offering and relying on innovative technology with incubators and programs to launch and grow IT initiatives.